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Dbol and Winny

Hi guys,

A couple of weeks ago I read a post from a guy asking about how to use Dbol and Winny tabs. Some suggested that it wouldn’t be adviceable to use both roids together as they are both liver toxic.

I am now in the same situation. I have stocked some Dbols (“Anabol”), Winny tabs (“Stanolol”) and Clomid (“Ovinum”). But instead of using the Winny tabs together with the Dbol how about taking the Winny after finishing a Dbol cycle to keep the gains?

So what do you guys think about the following first time cycle?

Weeks 1-7: Dbol (15-35 mg ED), Week 8: Clomid (100 mg ED), Week 9: Clomid (50 mg ED), Weeks 10-14: Winny tabs (25-40 mg ED)



I think if I was you instead of using D-Bol and Winny for a first time cycle…I’d just use some good old Test…Throw in the D-Bol and Winny on later cycles. I’d keep the clomid using 100 mg a day.


I would reconsider taking liver-toxic drugs like the D-bols and the Winstrol tabs over such a long period.

How much lbm are you looking to gain for your cycle?? What do you weight now, bodyfat %, height, etc.? This cycle is WEAK. At most, you will gain 10 lbs. More than likely only about 5 lbs. Dbol at 15-35mg/day won’t do you much unless you stack with another roid, preferably a class I. Get some quality Sustanon and use the dbol with it. Clomid at 50mg EOD throughout and 100mg EOD 2 weeks post cycle. If you use the winny, only use it for bridging in your off weeks.