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Dbol and Var Cycle


Anybody reading this im looking for answers as to what pct and A.I I should take, also when in my cycle I should start each.
About me: im 6'2" at about 235 pounds with about 15% bf. Im lookin to cut down and shred up for summer. Im doing a six week cycle of anavar at 40mgs a day. The first four weeks of the cycle im taking 25mgs of dbol. (stupid I know) but test isnt an option for me due to detection time for NCAA (football) drug test. Going to take nolva and liver suport.. Like I said before ideas/opinions on other pct and a.i for me to take and when to start them in my cycle. Also since I play football, any ideas as far as not loosing my athleticism. Thanks..


use adex for an AI, .25mg eod when using the dbol...you wouldn't need the AI with the anavar cause it doesn't aromatize.

pct should be nolva 40/20/20/20 with an adex taper.


Thats too much adex for 25mg/d dbol. IMO


if testosterone isnt an option for you due to detection times than why is Methandrostenolone or Oxandrolone? both compounds have longer detection times than Test suspension or even propionate.....

also, im no expert on NCAA drug testing policies but im pretty sure PCT or ancillaries drugs are banned substances meaning even if you did manage to cycle undetected or piss clean for gear, you still flunk for using the PCT.

Please tell me you have an elaborate scheme (think Lattimer in The Program) to get out of this one lol