Dbol and Test Prop Log!

Ok guys, The plan is 8 Weeks of Dbol and Test Prop. Frontload the test then 500mg/week. Dbol is starting at 30mg/day. The test is from a lab I trust and the dbol’s are British Dispensery Anabols.

My Dbol arrived before my test…and I am very impatient. Ergo…I started the Dbol yesterday at 30mg. The test should be here in a matter of days as well as my AI. I figure since I’m frontloading the test, starting the dbol a few days early won’t be too risky.

So today is day 2 at 30mg dbol, nothing really to report yet of course. Had an awesome leg workout though.

Will update bi-weekly.

BTW, I have already posted my stats in a previous thread, but if anyone wishes to see them again just ask.

Morning of day 4 at 30mg dbol. Had a pretty solid arm session yesterday. Nice hard pump. No weight or real strength increases to report as of yet. Although, I am experiences some calf and lower back pumps. About to walk around the zoo with the fiance for several hours in the sweltering 96 degree weather, I’m sure my calves with not be pleased lol.

first cycle? Second cycle? I’ll be interested to hear how you get on

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
first cycle? Second cycle? I’ll be interested to hear how you get on[/quote]

third cycle. thanks for following.

No weight gain or real noticable strength increase yet. However, I am getting substantially harder pumps in the weight room, and horrible calf pumps throughout the day.

Also, my source got behind on their orders, so my test has still not arrived.


Still no weight gain to speak of. I feel like strength gain is often too subjective from day to day to gauge, so I will just say that I haven’t noticed any drastic strength increases. My pumps have been very good however, and I feel a bit fuller and more vascular.