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Dbol and Test E Cycle

Hello im 23 and im gonna start my first cycle
Im 5 11 180 pounds
Im thinking about running dbol and test e
Im gonna do
Dbo 50 mg.week 1-4
Test e week 1-8 500 mg a week
And pct week. 10 - 12
Any advice best pct and any feedback would be very helpfull

I would run the Test E for 10-12 weeks for max results - 8 is a little short for long ester.
DBOL run for 6 weeks instead of 4 and do 10/20/30/40/50/60 (bump up 10 each week).
Use HCG throughout the whole cycle 250iu twice per week (start week 2).
Either 20mg of Nolvadex or 0.5 arimadex every other day - you shouldnt need to increase it but you can always come back and ask me if you’re unsure.

HCG for 4 weeks 500/500/250/250 - start the 500 10 days after the last test shot.
Nolvadex 5 weeks 40/40/20/20/10
Alpha male - 2 full bottles

Hope that helps

I heard some people dont start to take nolva until they start to see side what do you think ?

And if i do start to notice sides witch is better

In my opinion better safe than sorry and I would take it throughout the cycle whether you have sides or not - it wont hurt you to take it and it can go badly very fast (why not prevent it rather than try to fix it if it happens).
Nolvadex is my preference.


I’m running a Test E/Dbol cycle as well. I started my first test yesterday, when do you recommend taking the first dose of dbol? As soon as i start? or i hear some people say to take it towards the end of your cycle. Im 150lbs, so i want to add the weight/size.

What do you think? I also have nolva, do i go ahead and take that now for a preventative? or wait

I thought hcg was for after cycle not for during cycle to turn your natural test back on so to speak?

Im half way through my second week strength iss getting better

Arms are at 15 1/4
Chest 44

First of all if you are 150lbs you likely haven’t maximized on training and diet…personal opinion is rethink the cycle and get the most you can out of your natural body first - it makes a difference to how much you get from cycles in the future and I don’t see using PEDs if you aren’t starting from a place that needs it to progress? I know it’s tempting to want faster results but for long term ability to get the most out of your body and out of gear, consider maxing your body first.
If you are doing it anyways, then start with the DBol at the beginning - the first 6-8 weeks.
Nolvadex throughout the cycle but start low dose (10/20mg daily depending on the dose of your cycle) and bump up if needed.

Nope. If you take it during your cycle you keep your natural production in tact (relatively) rather than allowing complete shut down.

Pictures are helpful. I’m not sure how far into the cycle you are at this point or if you’ve started at all, but I would consider making some changes before you begin. Bring your body fat down a little (to 10/12%) to get the most out of your cycle…clean up your diet and train way harder (this training ethic will also only help you use the gear once you go on cycle).
I want to make sure you guys on this thread understand how important your diet and training, as well as the base you are starting from are to what you can get out of using steroids. You’re really young and you have so much potential to improve your body without the use of gear, get a solid starting point, and save the cycle for when you’ve actually plateaued and your diet and training are dialed - then you’ll see great results.
That being said if you’re going to ignore me and use anyways - make sure you check in to ensure you’re on track!