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Dbol and Test E Cycle


was bout to start taking my traing to next level. Been doing alot of research on dbol and test e cycle
dbol 20-25 mg each day week 1-4
test e 250-300 mg each week 1-6
pct nolva or clomid after week 6


Test needs to be at least 500 mg’s a week, unless you just want to do HRT. And I would extend that to 8-10 weeks.

Start PCT 2-3 weeks after your last injection. Enanthate is a long ester and will stay in your system for around 3 weeks. No point to start PCT when you still have the test running it’s course.

Dbol looks good. Have fun


What are your stats?

Like waylander said I would extend the test to 10 weeks unless you are frontloading then you might be ablet to get away with 8…6 is too short.

I would start nolva 2 weeks after your last injection for 4 weeks at 40/40/20/20.


What are your reasons for way this cycle is laid out? Why that dose and why that amount of time?

Also it would be nice if you gave us a little more information about yourself if you expect constructive advice.


its my first time doing that i want to do low dosage of test e 2 times a week monday and friday lets say. i want to start things off slow so 250-300 of test a week and a low dosage of dbol 20-25 mg each day with that. so
dbol 1-4 week (25mg each day)
test e 1-5 week (300 mg split between monday and friday)
nolva /clomid (week 6-7 20 mg each day)

this should be a low start and get me some more muscle weight im going after not trying to gain to much just go over a peak im going through.

let me know on any ideas gunna read more bout this stuff


Test E at that low dose for that short of time will more than likely be a waste.

Higher dose for shorter time or moderate dose for longer time. This formula has been working for years. DBol dose looks good though.


what if i bump it up to 350 mg it should do enough then with the dbol i should run the test lil longer then dbol due to how long the test e takes to kick in


You should read “The Steroid Nurse” pmoney1.

A recent article on this site.


whats that


Why not frontload the test e so your blood level can be at your cycle level almost immediately instead of the normal 3-5 weeks?

If frontloading, I would do the following:

w1-8: test e 250mg 2x/w (Mon. morning / Thurs. evening)
w1-4: dbol 30mg/d split doses
w1-4: Adex 0.5 mg EOD
W5-8: Adex 0.25mg EOD

Nolva PCT starting in week 10

Frontload: first dose only would be 600mg followed for the duration by 250mg bi-weekly.


Pmoney I don’t understand your reasoning about the low dose test. You are using the dbol at the right dose but want to run the test so low for whatever reason? 250 mgs is just a waste of gear. Do 500 a week. I don’t see the point in injecting something at all if you aren’t going after it in search of good gains.


ya you do have a point there for 500 a week i think i might split it up 2 doses at 400 to 500 a week.and dinamo adex is anti estrogen blocker right


Yes, Adex is an AI (anti aromatase) to be used during cycle and Nolva is a SERM to be used post cycle (PCT - Post Cycle Therapy)


[quote]pmoney1 wrote:
adex is an estrogen blocker right[/quote]

It keeps the test from aromatizing, so essentially yes.


sounds good jus need a source for test e.been looking online for that tryin to do cycle in month or so once i get evrything together.so i should add little of adex then to jus to be safe and also run my pct with nolva whats the big difference nolve/clomid anyways.


Test-e at 500 mg but I am not a fan of cycles longer than 8 weeks, given that you’ll be suppressed for 10 anyway. I go for shorter cycles as usually my balls start to shrink around week 8-9 and like this I don’t have to take any HCG if I do shorter cycles. Recovery is so much better if I just stop 2 weeks our of my personal low point, which for me is 8 weeks on test-e. After that I usually don’t see super duper gains so 10 weeks suppression is enough.

Anyways dbol should be around 30 mg ed so that looks ok. I run adex ED at 0.25 mg but I am also sensitive to estrogenic effects as I carry a bit of fat.

Nolva at 40/40/20/20 should do the trick for PCT.



hey i just joined this site i am in iraq right now anyway i have been on dbol for 6 weeks now and i have noticed that my strength increased dramattically and i was just wondering if when i off cycle if my cardio will come back my 2 mile run has dropped by like a minute and i still do cardio damn near every day.

also wat do u guys suggest for a cutting cycle i could take.


I suggest you read the stickies at the top of the page and come back and post what YOU think is a good cutting cycle for the regulars here to comment on.

Hijacking threads also sucks.