Dbol and Tamoxifen

Hi guys, I’m 22 5/10 and med build and am new to all this and just wanted to ask for people advise.
Please don’t shoot me down saying I haven’t done research, I have but just wanna know from people first hand.

Ok so I work on building sight and work with a lot of people on gear. They always say to me to try it but I’m not sure if I should. Cut long story short my main friend at work left and just gave me 100 10mg dbol and tamoxifen and said take 30mg a day to start and use the tam only if I feel itchiness n nipples and for after.

All I would like your help with is should I even bother taking it at all? Seeing as after doing research the mount of dbol I have prob isn’t enough anyway and then not sure if tamoxifen is even a pct.

Hopefully you guys can help and tell me weather to just throw it all In bin or could I make use of it.

Many thanks.