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Dbol and Sust Cycle


Well im getting ready to start a new cycle soon.


Thanks for letting us know


I am planning on running it like this.
sust. 250 250mg twice a week for 10 weeks
dbol 30mg day week 1-4
armidex .25 a day. thinking of not starting this unless start getting gyno or bunch of water weight.. not sure
will have nolva too incase of gyno and for pct
have some hcg as well will probly start this when nuts start shrinking

start pct 3 weeks after last sust. shot with 75/50/50/50 clomid and 40/20/20/20 nolva.
looking to gain some mass and strength im at 177lb ritenow about 12% bf been training 10+ years 30 years old.
let me know what you all think and if you have any recommendations thanks..


looks alright to me mate. I'd run the adex from the start


ok thanks for the advice. any particular reason you recommend this?? Im just curious.


Because Dbol aromatizes and can cause gyno.