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Dbol and Sus., When to Start Clomid?


im doing a 12 week course ov sus and dbol wen wud u say was the best time to start clomid?


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google roidcalc

when levels of test fall below endogenous levels, start PCT.

If I remember, with the longer esters in sust, 13 days after last inject, generally.

Also, keep in mind that what you have might be Organon Sustenon 250, or it might be UGL "Sust" which can have different esters.


Until you establish a little about yourself on the board so everyone has an idea of your level of experience in training and with AAS, you WILL get flamed when you post if you don't share stats.


Read the stickies. They are pretty good.


Read the stickies and come back with a properly laid out cycle proposal with age , stats, planned compounds, dosages, AI & PCT plans. Then we'll be happy to contribute.