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Dbol and Primo Oral Help?


I am looking at this for my first oral cycle (dont wanna hear the do test inject stuff)

DBol 25MG ED week 1-5
Primo 60MG ED week 3-8

Right now I'm 5'11 185lbs. just looking for some more lean mass.

And PCT obviously Nolva 40/30/30/20

What do you guys think?


Haha if you don't wanna hear the Test stuff then all things considered I think it looks alright. Could up the dose of Dbol possibly up to 40mg/day if you wanted (Thats where I see best results). When do you plan on taking the Dbol? Post workout or split the dosage throughout the day? These things could be helpful.

As far as PCT, why not stick with the conventional? 40/40/20/20


Up the dose of your food intake.


Food intake is up. Eat like a damn beats man. I'm a hard gainer. I went from about 160 to my current eating and lifting for the past 4-5 years


Was thinking am then pm twice a day.


Ill be blunt. You arent a hard gainer. You just dont eat enough. Plain and simple. 5 11 185lbs is small (Unless youre in competition shape). And it took you 5 years to get there. That means you dont know how or dont have the will power to eat enough to grow.

Use all the juice you want. When you come off and lose all your gains because you dont eat enough to support the muscle mass dont be surprised.


Ok, That could work. I like to take my Dbol 3 times a day but I know people take it one time a day (pre workout).
For example, if I take 40mg: I take 10mg AM, 20mg pre workout (about 5 hours later), and then 10mg in the PM. You could try something like this, it worked great for me. Its a way to keep it in your system all day while also getting an extra boost for your workout



There is no such thing as a hard gainer. There are plenty of people that make excuses (me included) when they aren't doing things correctly. Either figure out what those mistakes are, learn from them and adjust or do weird things like come on a steroid forum with your mind made up about what you are taking and ask for advice.


This is sound advice right here, it took me a long time to learn how to eat. By along time, I'm talking years. Once I did, it was like being on cycle without the cycle. Lifts go up as you get stronger and bigger and after just a couple weeks of eating clean and often, you will actually start losing fat. You just have to get the fire started then fuel the motherfucker. I know you're asking about a cycle, but what BONE is telling you is more important than the answer you are looking for. If you do not learn how to eat before you cycle, you will lose every single pound you gain. I would spend the next three to six months learning how to eat, get the hardgainer bullshit out of your head, up the calories and never, ever go more than two or three hours without eating, eat from the time you get up, to the time you go to sleep CLEAN!!! Then do your cycle. Good luck.


Current diet

430am - Shake with 2% milk

730am - 6 eggs with 1 whole egg with veggies. Piece of wheat toast and a cup of fruit.

1030am - protein bar or chicken with brown rice (depending on work)

130pm shake or steak or 2 turkey burgers with brown rice (again depending on work)

3pm - workout

430pm - shake with fruit, recovery and 2% milk

7pm- steak with brown rice or whole wheat pasta with veggies.

930pm casein protein.

Diet has been that pretty much for a long time just the hours change due to work and maybe lose a meal. but thats what it is now.


What do the macros look like?


Thats all great, but if you arent consuming enough calories it doesnt matter how squeaky clean your diet it. A diet that clean is usually counterproductive for people looking to add mass. Egg whites? Seriously? Chucking the yolks should be a sin.

Im honestly not trying to insult you. But you drop the word hardgainer and then post a diet that a bodybuilder looking to prep for a contest would be on. It doesnt make sense. You arent gaining weight because you arent eating enough, simple as that. Add potatoes, avocado, olive oil, peanut butter, ground beef, fatty fish, oats and egg yolks


When I'm trying to gain, I put Olive Oil in Damn near every fluid I drink, get around 1000 calories from the oil alone. When someone who knows how to eat says a "clean" diet, it sounds different when you do not understand. I used to think the same way. So when I say clean, I do not mean your paris hilton diet up there, I'm talking about whole foods, foods high in fat but low in saturated fat, foods that are nutrient rich and eating them all the time. This is the second time I've linked this, this week, read it: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/nutrition_for_newbies_part_1 at the end there is a calorie calculator, multiply your total by 1.4 and that is how many calories you are going to need each day.

You do not realize how much you are going to have to eat, but if all those calories come from high sat. fat sources, your gonna realize really quick how fast food, etc makes you feel like shit. To consume that many calories you have to eat healthy whole calorie dense foods or you will look like Danny when your striving to be Arnold. That is what I mean by clean. Do what you want, eat all the rice cakes and 2% milk you want, after all, you said: "Diet has been that pretty much for a long time..." How's that been working for you, Mr. Hardgainer? Add all that up and you have about 2100 calories, that's if you are eating two full cups of brown rice at 218 calories a cup. Your 6 egg whites give you a whopping 102 calories, if you just ate 2 whole eggs you would get 150, make that 7 whole eggs instead of 6+1 and you are in at 525 calories and 14 grams of monounsaturated fat. Good stuff.


So what would you guys say to improve eating? Can you give me a layout. And thank you everyone.


How bout you tally up your calories and post the numbers, total calories and macro breakdown. No one even knows how much your eating now, how could they give a recommendation?


About 3100 http://www.everydayhealth.com/food-fitness/Journal/#/5


Note its not really in order on the site but thats the food.


Ill take your word for it since I cant see anything because Im not a member.

How bout adding 300 calories to your breakfast via whole eggs and whole milk. Of if you really dont want the whole milk add a scoop of whey to your 2%.

Do that CONSISTENTLY for 2 weeks. Weigh yourself 3 times in that span. At the same time in the morning, after you go to the bathroom and before eating. If you dont gain any weight add another 200 calories, from complex carbs and protein. Id choose ground beef and rice. Or make a lot of turkey chilli (ground turkey, beans, onions, pepers etc) and eat that throughout the week over a bed of rice.

There are infinite possiblities at this point. It should not be hard for you to add 10 pounds by winter time. 10 solid pounds.


Weight likes to go to my gut though, Thats where the problem lays.


So? You still need to eat a surplus to gain muscle. Steroids or not.

Skinny fat 185lbs at 5'11 is a bad candidate for steroids. Figure out what kind of diet and workout routine works to get the results you desire. Then add steroids to augment that.