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Dbol and Liver Stabil...

This is what Im doing currently:

wk 1-8: Test E at 300mg E3D
wk 6-10: Dbol at 40mg ED

I am at day 14 of the Dbol. I have been taking 3 caps daily of Liver Stabil.

…which is milk thistle, niacin, and other liver support herbs.
I have heard conflicting thoughts on when to take liver support products. Some say that they reduce the effectiveness of Dbol, and should be used during pct or after the orals are taken.

Anyone had any experience with this?

Milk thistle is not going to affect the metabolization of dbol.

Nor will it significantly protect from the damage caused by it either.

I take 10 dollar bottle of milk thistle on cycle, and off cycle for that matter. Its dirt cheap.

People are far too worried about the small things.

4 weeks of Dbol will not significantly affect values at all.