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Dbol and Gyno

Hey guys…I got a hold of 200 5mg dbols and enough test for 8 weeks finally. Real stuff. Basic short cycle, no taper, old school PCT, no HCG.

Week 1-8: 500mg Test cyp(mon + thurs)
Week 1-4: 25mg dbol (maybe more but starting low)
PCT: Nolva 40 40 20 20 and possibly Alpha Male

I have adex on hand, curious if I should run it straight from the beginning since the dbol could possibly cause some gyno?

I would run the adex from the beginning.

For a short cycle a nolva pct should be adequate…

Just my opinion, but yea, I would run it from the start just to be safe. It takes time to build up in your system so you don’t want to wait until gyno is already noticable.

I tend to wait until I need the AI. If I start to feel gyno I normally use 60mg of nolvadex for a few days while the AI is kicking in. Recently I used nolva at 60mg for 2 days then 1 at 40mg and 1 at 20mg and continued with the AI E3D after that. If you know exactly what the early signs of gyno feel like this may work for you.

Thanks alot guys…yea I have plenty of nolva…which seems better to stop gyno after you already have the symptoms, where as an AI is more preventative. And I really don’t wanna over do it with the adex, that didn’t work out so well for a my training partner. I’ll probably start it at .25mg e3d if I notice excessive bloat, and take nolva immediately if I notice any gyno.

uh… what happened to your friend with running an AI?..?!

IMO AI’s are the best thing to happen to BB AAS use… shit i remember before it was accessable to the regular ‘Joe’ :wink:


lol I too remember when nolva was the “E control” of choice.

Just think where we will be in 10 years.

You can over do AI’s if you dose it too high and drive your E into the crapper then your going to hurt.

I ofen overdose my letro and find myself with no sexdrive - then i have to re-assess what it is likely to be and reduce the dose accordingly.

Overdose for me with that drug is 0.25mg ED/EOD though! shit its strong.

I find i get decent E control with decent libido from a quality testosterone of 600mg/wk at just 0.125mgEOD letrozole.

So that means a bottle of 50mlx2.5mg gives me 1000doses which last the equivalent of 285 weeks.
THATS why i choose letro over adex!


[quote]Westclock wrote:
lol I too remember when nolva was the “E control” of choice.

lol! Yeah… 20-40mg Tamoxifen with 50mg proviron and a hell of a lot of checking the male breast!

It isnt too bad that stack actually, and i still recommend it/use it in certain situations.

Say if a fairly high E level is tolerated or wanted, or if an AI is contra-indicated for some reason - it is a worthy back up plan IME.

I use it alongside an AI for cycles i feel might be very prevalent in Estrogenic problems. I did for my 700test/600eq/350drol/175winny cycle - but found it was overkill with letro which did more than enough to remove the sides from that usually very side effect prone cycle.




As far as AI not working out well for my friend, the test he got was somewhat underdosed and he was running the dex at too high of a dose, therefore he pretty much had no estrogen. He told me his joints were hurting, he couldn’t maintain erections etc. However, I know the stuff I have is legit and I’m going to be using dbol, from everything I have gathered, gyno can be common on dbol, so I just want to prevent that the best I can while not limiting gains. A little bloat is fine…alot of bloat ehh, and puffy nips ehh. So .25 dex e3d is what I’m starting at.