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Dbol and Euipoise

I’m 37 5’7" 195, 15% bodyfat. I follow a westside training protocol. I was going to start a first time cycle of dbol and equipoise. Amy advice on amounts and timing of the dosages would be appreciated. I have access legit supplies, so I’m not limited by supply. I was going to start with 40mg of dbol per day with two injetions per week of equipoise 3cc, 50mg per cc. I was planning for ten weeks the starting clomid on the last week for two weeks. Any further suggestions or modifications would be appreciated.

Clomid…during the cycle too!
10 weeks of d-bol can b hars on your liver…
How about the first 4 weeks eq+susta at 500mg
(and clomid of course)and the 2nd 4 eq+d-bol?

Thanks, I’m planning on the clomid the last week and week after. I’m going to start with eq and dbol both for four weeks, then just the eq. Do you think this will keep down the liver stress? I will also be taking milk thistle extract throught.

I’s do my Eq every other day instead of twice weekly to maimtain proper levels…

Since all you are taking for an anabolic is Eq I think you should make that 3 shots/week for a total of 450mgs. I personally wouldn’t use the d-bol any higher than 30mgs, but I am sure people will disagree, and 10 weeks seems a little long on an oral. I would say try to find an injectable androgen like Test and just use the d-bol for the first 5 weeks.