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dbol and cytomel


If one were to take t3(for cutting) and didn’t want to loose muscles, wouldn’t d-bol be an alternetive that would work for that? I know U would put on some wather, but not that much if U take t3 and clomid, or? I don’t mind the wather that much, I will loose the wather after the cycle. I know there are lots of better alternatives, but if one can’t get anything else than d-bol, would it work? Would it be anti-catabolic enough when taken with t3 at 25mcg-75mcg, or maybe just 12,5mcg for a longer period. So what do U say?

If you want to take high dose cytomel(something I’ve never done) I am told it is best to be on anabolics. If you use anabolics I would try to use something like winstrol. Unfortunately I don’t know off hand what amount you would need to be effective(could Bill or Brock chime in). One thing though: you mentioned you would be open to using low dose cytomel(12.5mcg/day) and I have used this with great success(lost 20 lbs. in 5 weeks with no loss of strength). Best part of the cycle was that I didn’t need anabolics and I had no sides the entire cycle or after(except for being really cold in the mornings while on; which is nothing). But back to your questions. If dbol is the only thing available I think it would work fine(use clomid if you’re going to be on a long time). Good luck.

My impression is that morning only Dianabol use helps out dieting. That’s indepenent of
T3 use. The dosage can be 20-30 mg on arising,
and then 10-15 at noontime. The liver risks
of long term 17-alkylated use still apply
so don’t do this for more than 4-6 weeks
preferably (I’m not saying disaster WILL result immediately past 6 weeks but it’s a
good maximum figure if one is fairly conservative.)

With T3 also being used, sure, it should be
of benefit in that situation as well.