Dbol And Clomid

Hi guys,

I’ve been researching the above two topics extensively prior to starting my cycle and have a couple of questions:

I’m planning to follow Bill Roberts 2 on 2 off protocol as follows:

Weeks 1 and 2 - 25mg Anabol and 50mg Clomid upon arising and 25mg Anabol at approximately noon

Weeks 3 and 4 - 50mg Clomid a day

My queries are:

  1. Should I frontload the Clomid (in 6 divided doses) on Day 1 (upon starting the cycle) or Day 15?; and

  2. Should I be taking 100mg of Clomid a day during Weeks 1 and 2? Am rather afriad of gyno.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


this requires much more thought…go back to the drawing board and come back with a structured cycle that is easy to follow, and makes sense. 100 mg d-bol and clomid ED!!! thats the way i read it. and thats total crap. 50 mg d-bol is as high as you should go…and you would do significantly better stacking it with prop.

re-think…re-structure…read some more “short cycle” threads and look for better stack examples.

To get you started on your research, I’d suggest reading a couple of my threads on short cycles…use the search engine…If you still have q’s hit me up and I’d me more than happy to help.


frontloading clomid during the cycle? did i understand you correctly? frontloading is generally done with an androgen thats long acting or with a pct protocol, not with an antiE.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the responses.

Sorry…the dosages were a typo…I meant to say 25mg upon arising and 25 mg at about noon. Have amended the post accordingly.

Unfortunately, dbol and clomid are the only stuff I have access to at the moment. Am getting some primobolan in a couple of months but am planning a short cycle in the meantime.