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Dbol and Cholesterol?

Does anyone have any experience with this? Last time I had my cholesterol checked was about 2 years ago, everything was normal. Just had it checked again and cholesterol was pretty damn high. hdl was 27 which is pretty low, I’ve read that dbol can lower hdl, but I haven’t read much on it increasing ldl. But anyways, my ldl was very high as well, 186. The main difference this time was that I was taking 50mg dbol every day( no not by iteself ) but had discontinued it 2 days before the blood test.

I’m just hoping that it was the dbol that has made my cholesterol skyrocket because my diet is pretty damn clean, yeah i eat 6 eggs a day, lots of whole milk but I am reading a lot of research studies that suggest eggs actually lower cholesterol to some degree and dietary cholesterol has little to no effect on cholesterol in the blood. I’ll give it a month and go in and get some more blood work and hopefully it will be lowered, but in the meantime if anyone knows or has experience with any of this it’d be great to hear from you. Thanks

Give it some time it will go back

[quote]BUDs wrote:
Give it some time it will go back [/quote]

thanks buds, so do you have experience with this or know of people with similar experience? I just want to know if this is a common thing with dbol and if this is a normal thing that happens or should i definitely not run the dbol in the future? It was also giving me crazy headaches, probably blood pressure related, who knows. Maybe if i drop the dose down a little?

What I’ve read dbol does mess with your cholesterol, but I would have to say if you already have bad cholesterol probably not a good idea. As far as the headaches I don’t know could by BP related you could try a lower dose and see if that changes

yeah i’ll see where the cholesterol levels out to, you think a month is a long enough time to go get some more bloodwork? Thanks for the help, any other input from others is welcome