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Dbol and Anavar


Is there anything I should know imparticular about stacking these two appart from liver toxicity issues?

I plan on doing 6 weeks at 20mg/40mg (Dbol/Var) per day week 1-2, 30mg/60mg week 3-4, 20mg/40mg week 5-6. I am still a newbie to this stuff and need all the help I can get. I chose Dbol due to its mass gain and Var due to its strength increase and dry gains. Is there anything I should be using with these to help my body cope or should I be ok?



And read the stickies to learn about aromatization.

Why the pyramiding dose?


take my word with a grain of salt. i'm just reading and learning. i think most folks would say no to an oral only cycle and definately no to stacking orals for an oral only cycle. not to mention test should be your base compound and also that a first timer (not sure if it's your first time) should do a test only cycle for a few reasons.


With anavar included in an oral cycle the gains can be kept. Primobolan could provide a similar effect in that sense as well.

Those doses are very low as well, minimizing toxicity. But also limiting gains. Toxicity gets worse with duration though, so either way this proposed cycle doesn't seem so bad as far as toxicity goes.

Still doesn't mean this guy is read for a cycle or not. There are lot of holes that can be punched in it.


thank BoneZ. i don't see very many folks approving of anavar cycles (without test), but i do see n00bs using it as a first cycle and enjoying the strength gains with minimal or no size gain. realizing that a great majority of your size gains come from diet why don't we see more folks suggesting the anv cycle if a user is only looking to gain strength and keep a similar frame? i,e for sports where weight divisions are the case.

sorry to hi-jack the thread, but i'm hoping the OP might find this usefull knowledge as well..



Plenty of people use anavar for that reason. It's not a widely popular drug because of its price, I think.

Read about class I and class II androgen activity.


I have found that Anavar is no longer an option to me so I think I will change the cycle idea to maybe 20-30mg per day Dbol for 4 weeks, 400mg-500mg per week Cyp for 8-12 weeks. I am really just feeling all this stuff out right now.


I would say to do the cyp for 12 weeks at 500mg but 400 will probably still yield gains imo.

dbol seems ok.

Make sure you research aromatization (as both of those compounds do it), aromatase inhibitors, SERMS, and 'PCT'


edit-also half lives of the compounds and injection frequency.


From what I have read Dbol has been tweaked to slow conversion to estrogen but Cyp is going to be a slight issue. but I think that I will try to get some nolva on hand just incase I start to get any signs of Gyno.


Use an AI properly and you will never have to worry about gyno. Save the Nolva for PCT unless you use a stasis/taper.


Dbol doesnt aromatize at the same rate as test, correct.

However it does still aromatize and it also becomes a very potent type of estrogen.

An AI will be a very smart move with this stack.



sorry if this is a dumb question but, AI?


AI = Aromatase inhibitor

-Adex (liquid suspension form of Anastrazole)
-Arimidex (Very expensive prescription pill form of Anastrazole)