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Dbol/Anavar Same Time?

Anyone ever ran dbol and anavar at the same time?

Say basic 14 week 500-750mg/wk test-e cycle and throw in say…

50mg dbol wk 1-4
75-100mg anavar wk 1-6

Would this be taxing on your liver? Or can it be done? Or will they negate one anothers effects? Would it maybe be better to run first 4 weeks dbol then last 6 weeks anavar or vice versa?

Just curious to the synergy between the two and how to use them together in the same cycle.

I imagine it’d be pretty fuckin awesome

I dont see why you couldnt do it. Depending on what results you are looking for may be an overall better combo

Ive done it, but at lower dosages. I think its a pretty good combo. I am a bit too conservative to undertake those dosages, but if you do you should definitely do a log.

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Bill Roberts has mentioned they are very synergistic in past threads. Let us know how it goes!

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