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Dbol/Anavar Cycle?

is this a good cycle?.. 2weeks of Var 40mg a day, followed by 2 weeks of Dbol 40mg, then another 2 weeks of Var at 40 mg.

the fuck? What are your goals? Special Olympics?

No. Please read more.

it’s all I could get my hands on!

[quote]Blawrence1988 wrote:
it’s all I could get my hands on![/quote]

sucks to be you bro…that is a shit cycle with no AI and no PCT

im doing arimadex

If this is all I could get, I would personally wait until I could get some primary AAS to run.

I can only assume there is little rush, being that if you were preparing for a contest (either physique or performance) you would need primary AAS for good results.

I would save you var and dbol for a real cycle that will yield better results.

true and thanks.