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Dbol a Month After Starting Test E, and Other Questions

Hey everybody I’m new, I started a Testosterone enanthat cycle, so far I haven’t really noticed anything. (Granted I only did 500mgs so far- just finished my first week)

I’m taking 500mg a week of test E and I want to try dbol but wouldn’t be able to get it until a month from now, is it too late?

Also I’d like to see if anyone knows if as a beginner should I do 1000mgs for the following two weeks to get a kick start or something? I have nolvadex on hand - I have a good idea of what my PCT should be but if anyone would like to clarify that’d be sweet.

I’m 21 years old - 5-10’’ - 24% bodyfat - decent amount of muscle weigh 203lbs.

My diet consists of low carb intake other than you’re complex carbs of veggies


I don’t drink anything with sugar basically. So it’s water or protein BCAAS

I shouldn’t even respond because of your age but I don’t wanna see you mess yourself up. Don’t preload. I did in the past and I feel like it just keeps my levels fucked for longer. Also, test takes a while to notice anything man. First things you may notice will be you are more hungry or you are sweating bullets. Also, sleep patterns will be different. 3-4 weeks, you will notice and know its doing something. 8weeks, you will not recognize the guy in the old pics… it takes time to “feel” it… dbol works pretty quickly as long as you dose correctly and eat right. I ran dbol mid cycle before but you should run test only to get a feel for it. And IMO, you should run it all in a couple years, not now…

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Thanks beachbum - is it really that bad for being at 21? I don’t think I’m still “growing” I’ve been the same since I was 16, i only want to do one cycle, it’ll just be Test E I don’t think dbol is something I should mess with for a while.

That being said since I’m only going to run 500mg of test E for 10 weeks how should my PCT look like? 40mgs two weeks 20mgs the next following two weeks?

It’s not that you’re still growing at 21. You are as tall as you will be. It’s that your entire body has not finished what it needs to do as far as reproductive system, endocrine system, nervous system. That’s all still growing bro. Your natural test levels are high as shit right now. 25 yr old is or was the “prime” for guys, so right now your test levels are higher than mine are naturally because I’m 36 and past my prime. I don’t know a lot. I do read a lot of bro shit on here and I do a little research of my own. When you introduce testosterone into your body from an outside source(AAS) your body quits producing it’s natural testosterone or at the very least it suppresses it. PCT is to restart that natural process. At 21, I hate to see you suppress and restart. My PCT is always the same man. It works for me, it’s not perfect, but it’s easy and I know what to expect. Clomid run for 4 weeks. 50mg/day for 14 days. 25mg/day for 14 days. I start my PCT on day 21 of my last injection of test cyp. Depending on what other drugs I’ve used, it varies according to their half life. Like this cycle I finished yesterday, I used test prop for the last 3 weeks of it while the tren ran out of my system. Now I wait 3 days from my last pin( yesterday) before I start my Clomid. 3 days because prop is fast acting and short duration with very short half life. Anyways, you have a lot to learn before your first pin man. Take a couple months or years and learn exactly what this stuff does to your body. It’s not all great. Some things are terrible. Or can be terrible. And dude, one last thing. Everyone I know says they are" just gonna run one cycle." Shit, I said it, and then my expectations weren’t met from the first cycle because I didn’t know enough about diet, training on cycle and I had unreal ideas about what steroids could give me… I didn’t get what I wanted from it, but I did get a ton… just didn’t get me to superman status after i weeks…haha!. so, be realistic. Be patient. Be willing to research, learn, and take advice. In the gym, online, and in the information others have learned and studied.


Beachbum again thanks for the advice - I bought nolvadex because I saw that t was stronger than clomid and the dosages would be 40/40/20/20 after two weeks of my last pin - trust me if I could have done more research knowing what I know now than what I knew my first pin I would have waited a bit longer but I already injected 500mgs of test e this week.

I don’t have a AI so I heard taking 10mg of nolvadex rod until my order of arimidex arrives should be the route to go. Also I see people use hcg the last four weeks of their cycle to help kick start their LH lvs (etc) to help for taking nolvadex for my pct, what do you think?

All of that is outside my scope bro. I haven’t used nolva, hcg so I can’t say. Hopefully someone will jump in with an ok or not ok…