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Dbol 50mg Caps?


My buddy says he can get me dbol, but from my research on line it comes in 5mg or 10mg. He says he gets 50mg caps. He just came off a 6 week cycle of dbol only and he was a lot bigger and stronger so it has to be doing something, he gained like 15-20 lbs, and about 35-40 lbs on bench and like 60 on squats. Sounded fishy, but he said his guy makes it or something.

Anyone heard of this? I was planning on running 30mg in 3 doses through the day if I did it on my first cycle. 50mg in one daily dose didn't make much sense from my reading.


Its from a UGL. It's not pharmacetical grade.

You wont be able to split a capsule up.

You shouldnt do a dbol only cycle anyway, so this is all moot


I was planning on running it with test, AI, PCT, etc. Just curious if gear from a UGL could be legit. And I understand that a capsule can't be split. I have been reading enough on hear to know better than a dbol only cycle, that's just what my buddy did. He doesn't run an AI or SERM either. He has been doing cycles for a while and won't hear anything I have to say about what I've learned here, lol.


Most people use UGL stuff. Huge majority.


cool, not decided on adding this or not, just getting my ducks in a row. taking that leap to using gear is not a decision I'm taking lightly.

Thanks Bonez, I definitely pay attention to what you contribute on this site even though sometimes I may not be the best student, haha


No problem man