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Dbol: 3 Times a Day or Just Pre-Workout?


Hi guys,

I'm curoius to get other peoples views on dbol.

Is there much benefits to dosing to three times a day over just preworkout and vice versa.

Also if just using it preworkout how long before the workout should i take it? one hour? two hours?


A lot of people on here like to take it all pre-workout. Anywhere from 1-3 hours would seem to be optimal.

Arnold purportedly took '3 dbol a day.' Of course he also acknowledged taking test propionate, but it would seem HE dosed it 3 different times a day.


I was under the impression that bodybuilders take dbol 3x a day for the constant anabolism, whereas PLers take it all preworkout for the strength gains. I could be wrong, though.

Also, according to roid calc, dbol peaks at 2 hours after taking it.


Im taking dbol 40mg preworkout and 10mg 5 hours later.. But im running test also, just waiting for it to kick in :slight_smile:

Love the pumps and strength.

EDIT: Started taking 10mg in the morning, 40mg couple of hours later pwo, 10mg 5 hours later..


Take more Preworkout, split the rest.

I like it in the morning, makes me eat a huge breakfast.


Thanks for it input guys, i think i'll just have to figure out which strategy works best for me.

I've used it 3x/day before and i felt more pumped throught the day, i'm now using it just preworkout, i dont feel as pumped thrpught the day but seem to be making similar progress.