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Dbol 25mg/Day with Winstrol 25mg/Day Test E 500mg/wk

Not sure where to post this but… Currently running my second steroid cycle at 26 years old. Last and only cycle ive ran was when i was 21 and it was test e 500mg/week with winstrol 50mg/day. That cycle went good and pct went good held onto everything and even gained more muscle naturally over the course of 5 years. Anyways I currently finished my cut to under 10% bodyfat with test prop 300mg/week and winny 50mg/day. Now im currently runnin test e 500mg/week for 16 weeks. planning to take 4 weeks off oral and run dbol at 50mg/day, but i have another plan to run dbol at 25mg and winstrol at 25mg for 4-6 weeks to stay dryer and leaner looking through summer. Anyone have any luck making gains with dbol and winstrol together at lower doses? diet is in check ive been bodybuilding since for 7 years, aiming to gain 5 pounds of muscle while staying fairly lean. yes im running a pct when the cycle is over. original plan was 4 weeks dbol at 50mg and 4 weeks winstrol at the end 50mg for 4 weeks