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Dbol 2 Week Cycle ala Bill Roberts

Hi Guys,

read a couple of Bill Roberts ideas on short Dbol/Anadrol cycles. thinking of giving Dbol at 20mg E.D. a try out for two weeks, followed by 2 weeks off and then another 2 weeks on. This will be followed by two weeks of Nolvadex at 10mg a day. Has anybody any experience with this type of short/light cycle?

I know, I know… another Dbol only post…
I’m a whore for oral only it seems:
I’ve done a couple of Anavar and Winnie cycles, never tried the daddy Dbol yet.

Should I expect many/if any sides with this low and short dose? I’m just looking for a little boost from it; a bit of strength and a small size gain. I know I’m not going to explode with this cycle. Also, should I space the dose out over the day or should I take the 20mg an hour or so before training… From what I have seen here in the forums Bushy(BBB) recommends before training with this type of cycle, I think… but quote me if I’m wrong.

constructive criticism welcomed…

looking for ’ a little’ boost, and small size gain. I won’t be the only person to say this can be done without steroids- AKA ‘eat more, lift more, don’t be a shithead’. 20 mgs of dbol for two weeks (four total) is stupid. This thread is stupid. You shouldn’t have posted this and you should be ridiculed accordingly.

Thanks for the positive feedback…

I have seen a couple of threads similar to this one, with several hero’s of this forum commenting, so I don’t see how this is stupid! But of course, that’s your opinion and I respect that.

I was honestly looking for somebody to comment, who may have done a cycle similar to what Bill Roberts suggests,(50mg of Dbol/two weeks/two weeks off/2 on again) I’m just trying to put my own spin on it, because I think 50mg’s might be a bit much for what I’m looking for.


50 mg/day is not alot.
2 weeks at 50 mg/day isn’t a lot.
But I’m not going to say the idea is stupid. It isn’t. It depends on your goals. And no matter what anyone writes, it is their opinion. Only you will know how it works for you. So I say, do it and find out. Don’t rely on others opinions to sway your own.

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If you’re going to go the shorty route, with dbol alone, then for your goals it is fine. I’d definitely choose it over some pro hormone. Definitely bump up the dosage to about 40 mg ED, 50 max. The pre workout regimen works for dosing, but if your goals go beyond performance enhancement, then IMO you need to run divided doses throughout the day. Consider running low dose arimidex during your on weeks, it will aid in recovery, besides providing the regular mitigation of aromitizing sides, but keep it low, say 0.25 mg EOD and see how you react. Clomid or nolva during off weeks. 10 mg nolva is too low. I’d say 20 minimum, and if running clomid, go with 50 mg ED. I personally would never do shorties with just one compound, but it’s really your choice. Search for Cy Willson’s never ending cycle; it’s an old article but still holds value for someone wanting to go with the much maligned dbol only cycle, which isn’t a horrible idea for some folks if done right. Of course, if shorties are going to be your thing, research Bill’s stuff.

Thanks Guys,

I appreciate the feedback. I might bump it up to 40mg, and see what happens.


Hey- curious to know how it went? I’m also interested in a short 2 week Dbol cycle.