DBol: 2 On 2 Off, 2 On 2 Off, 2 On 6 Off


In this thread, and others that I have come across, there is deep discussion on short cycles. I am an athlete who needs to keep gains at a steady, somewhat un-noticeable rate. My question here is 1. Has anyone tried a cycle like this and 2. Can this be done with 50mg/ED of DBol? I have Arimidex on hand and have Nolva for PCT. Once winter comes I will run Test e 250-500/wk for 12/wks with possibly winny at the end, I will of course run a proper PCT with that and will have arimidex on hand. With all that said I would like thoughts and advice on this, I respect the experts on here very much and your words will not go unheard.

31 yrs old
13% BF
Training for 9 years
Former MMA fighter, current semi-pro baseball player.
Diet 3000cals/day 300g protein 60-70g fat 200-250g Carbs.

I’ve done a 4 week cycle with prop and dbol which I enjoyed, but I wouldn’t bother with dbol only.

I don’t have a scientific reason for it, but the majority of people I know who’ve done 4 weeks of dbol only haven’t gotten anything out of it.


Yup, in high school I did a 4 week, 5 on, 2 off, dbol only cycle back before it was banned, and I gained a lot of strength, but in hindsight probably not much more than I would have gained naturally at that point. Also added a ton of temporary bloat. Between that and creatine I want to say I gained almost 20lbs in 4 weeks, and after I came off both I only kept 2lbs and looked about the same as before.

I did not use an AI, nor had I even known of their existence at that point lol.

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Nothing about short cycles though?