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Dblo/Winstrol pill

A friend of mine has told me abou tthis new pill his source can get that is a combination of 25mg Dbol/25mg Winstrol. Has anyone ever heard of this?

With all the “bathtub pharmacies” and underground labs out there, anything is possible these days.

The only problem I see with a “product” as this, is its potency. These guys will make LARGE batches of the stuff and mix it all together. Chances are, you won’t be getting EXACTLY 25mg of each chemical per capsule/tab/pill etc. Every capsule will be off and probably have more of one chemical than the other.

This is very easy to do. You get a casule maker. You take whatever mg of whatever you want and put it in the capsule. Put the second ingrediant in and wa-la winstol/d bol. If you have access to the raw powders you could do it.

I believe British Dragon makes these. I don’t know how well they work though.

British dragon does not make such a thing. Possibly an underground lab but nothing i’ve heard of. I would think that someone may be trying to describe a third drug by relating it to d-bol/winny.

ru has a curiously intimate knowledge about this topic it seems. hmmmmmm

You know, even if you took a capsule maker and put enough dbol and winny and filler to make 50mg caps of the afformentioned split. There still is an accuracy problem. Allbeit not much, probably in the neighborhood of 10%, but nonetheless it would be at the very least slightly off. Maybe a better thing to do would be to dissolve the two chems in a carrier like Peg200 and once heated and dissolved and cooled, inject that into gel caps and immediately refridgerate. That way theyd be exactly as the dose suggests. But then again, what do i know? :wink:


yeah I have seen it on planetpharmacy from Belize. There was an article in planet musce about the company said they were good. Seems expensive though.