Dball - Need Suggestions

Hi first i would like to say i love the site.
been bodybuildingand living the life style for the last 16 years im 50 im 6/1 weight before cycle 225 hard on dball tren test 245 off the dball now 236, this weight is on this cycle, diet is quite good but not perfect, i pin twice a week monday and thursday 2cc each time, 1 cc of tren and 1 cc of test ,

this is my second cycle, i used dball with the tren and test to kick start for six weeks now im on my 10th week, was suggested to go back on dball to finish of my 14 week cycle while still taking tren and test,i have tamoxifen on the ready for my pct.

my question is about taking the dball again have spoken to others who have gone that direction they seem to have done well,wondering what some of you think.
Thank in advance for all your input ,always willing to learn.

It’s dbol not dball bro

dball is what you find at your local GNC…

sounds fine