DB vs BB on Jump Squats?

Would it be a better choice to use DBs while doing jump squats, or a lightly loaded BB? Or if any of you have tried both, which ones seems to have given better results?

I think a BB is a better choice. The DB’s add an element of instability which isn’t good when doing weighted jumps.

With jumping squats, I think the main goal is to teach your prime movers to produce as much force as they can as quickly as possible. If you want to train your stabilizer muscles, there are safer alternatives (pistols, single leg deadlifts).

If I had to choose one I’d choose BB just to save your arms from unnecessary stress

I dont see any advantage in using a dumbell over a barball. I think you have a better chance of hurting something with some dumbells flailing around rather than bar locked against your traps.

Barbell, but be sure you’re:

#1 - In the cage.

#2 - Pulling on the bar as if you’re trying to physically wrap it around your shoulders.

I tried my first jumping squats at age 16 and was knocked unconscious by the 135 lbs barbell striking me in the back of the head.

Thank God for safety pins.

– ElbowStrike

Don’t you usually do jumping squats with an empty bar?