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DB Swings w/o Warm-up Dangerous?



Would it be dangerous (spinewise) to do swings with a 70 lb DB w/o warm-up, presuming perfect technique?

Many thanks, Eisen


Pay your dues with warmups or you can pay for your dr's vacation to bora bora :expressionless:


I'd say yes, as that's a fairly heavy weight for that exercise. It'd be like squatting 225 without a warm-up. Even if that's 50% of your 1RM, it's still heavy enough where, if something goes wrong and that "perfect technique" goes wonky for a second, you're getting injured.

Long story short: Either warm-up first or go super-light without a warm-up.

In the past, based on some info from the '40s and '50s, I've tried using lighter/higher rep one-arm swings as a general warm-up before lifting - like 30 pounds for 2x15-20 per arm (4 sets total). It "worked" in the sense that it got the blood flowing and I got a little sweat going, but it wasn't anything special that couldn't be done with a jump rope, treadmill, or bodyweight stuff.

Are you asking theoretically or is it something you plan on playing with?


Chris, thank you very much.

I'll be warming up with 45 lb before the set(s) with 70.

I intend to swing more often, since it's a good way to load the spine and practice the hinge without impairing recovery. And it works as conditioning, too.