DB Standing 1 Arm Press Variations

Hello from France,

I would like to target my rear delt, not the front.

Is there REALLY a difference between :
DB standing one arm shoulder press, neutral grip (elbow “in”)
DB standing one arm shoulder press, supinated (palm looking forward, elbow “out”) ?

Should I choose the one which is the more confortable for me ? Or is there a real difference ?

thanks (merci !)

Yes there is a difference but neither will target your rear delts. Try bent over reverse dumbbell fly or the reverse pec deck machine.

Or based on your question I’ll assume you’re a beginner and should worry about getting the most bang for your buck out of your exercise selection and not worry about targeting one head of the deltoid muscle. I suggest military press until you can rep 135lbs as a warm up. Then it might be almost time for rear delt targeting if you still feel you need to.

Thank you !


eh, injuries and imbalances can accumulate quickly, even as a beginner (I know, it has happened to me!)

If you’re going to do direct shoulder work, you should include rear delts

as a powerlifter i quickly became anterior delt dominant and as a result of the imbalance, my shoulders started to hurt all the time. once i started training all three heads of the delt my pains went away and my strenght increased.

my typical shoulder training starts with 5/3/1 for strict standing military presses. then i follow them up with accessory work using either dumbell overhead pressing with a neutral grip or standing swiss bar overhead pressing for high reps and moderate weight. after that i do a mini circuit of face pulls, standing dumbell cleans and strict standing lateral raises.

for those that don’t know waht these movement emphasize, i’ll list them below.

standing miltary press-anterior
neutral grip dumbell press/swiss bar standing overhead press-medial
face pulls/dumbell cleans-posterior