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DB Squat/Deadlift

Ok, forgive me if this has been asked before or gone over in depth somewhere else, I searched, didn’t find much. Anyway, I was wonder about dumbell squats and deadlifts. Why? Well, I’m fairly new to these awesome movements, so my form kinda sucks. My deads are ok, but squats need some work. I keep my torso fairly straight, but the farther I go down, I feel like I’m just gonna bust in half. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, if my core is just weak, or I in general am just plain weak, or a little of all that. So I make it to just about parallel, and that’s it. So I was thinking, what if I did like a db squat, starting with the db’s on the floor at my sides? I figure this way I can get comfortable with pushing up from the bottom posistion. I won’t be replacing this with a true barbell squat, like I said, I think it would help a lot. Any of you big tuff som’ bitches have any words of wisdom?

DB deads:

a possibility would be to start with single arm DB DL.

place dumbell between feet, set up with hips pushed out, grip, tense with straight back and lift.

If core is that weak, thry lifting off a box, and work way down to floor.

This will be easier, and give a good basis for core strength due to the torsion involved.

hope this helps