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DB Snatches From The Floor?


can db snatches be done from the floor ? anybody got a link on how to do them from the floor?


Yeah i do my 1 arm dumbell snatches from the floor. I don't have any links sorry just my own method. I place the dumbell on the floor in front of me between my legs. I squat down and grab the dumbell in one hand and put my other hand on my thigh. Then i slowly lift the dumbell off the floor using my free arm for balance and to help lift it. I slowly accelerate the lift till it reaches my thighs then i power the weight up dipping down a bit and catching it overhead.



This is Brad Cardoza one-arm snatching a 150 lbs DB for 5 reps. Damn.


This video made me feel very weak!


I have always wanted to do this exercise, the one arm db snatch. For those of you out there who do them, do you guys or girls alternate hands, left to right? I know the question sounds dumb, of course you should alternate hands. The reason I ask is because I have seen people at my college gym do them but always with their dominant hand...always.

Kir Dog


I do both DB and KB snatches, and I always start with thw weaker hand, but that's just me.

There are quite a few common set/rep around, e.g.:

1) The weaker hand as many reps as possible until failure (or close to it), then switch hands;

2) Few reps (e.g.3-5) on one hand then switch hand, back and forward until failure (or close to it)

3) Change hand every rep.

It totally depends on what you are training for.

Hope it helps,

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That's because...all...college lifters...are stupid. (Present company excepted, of course.)

Generally, yeah, I alternate hands every set. I also need to remember to start with my non-dominant hand more.

P.S. - If I started every morning by checking out a Cardoza video, everyday would be a good day.




Ok question. Am i better to do the exercise with a free weigth in each hand and do both arms at the same time or is alternating arms the way to go?


Do you think these would also be good done for higher reps 10-15?


You can do either.

I prefer doing one-arm at a time.


For conditioning purposes using a lighter weight, yes.

I do them with a 16kg kbell for 10-20 reps per arm. I've done them with 50-80lb dumbbells for sets of five.


Second this. And if you are going for sets of 20reps+, make sure you have a bucket ready (at least for the first time). High reps snatches are a puker for sure, although your body will quickly adopt it.

Enjoy the pain!

Geek boy


Re-Brad's snatching, that is VERY impressive indeed.

Just out of curiousity, does anyone know how much Brad weighs?


Watching Brads vid is awesome and something to aim for without doubt. I can manage 55kg for a rep or 2 each hand but tire really quickly. My form degrades then on my right side and looks more like a bent press lol. i've been starting at 30kg and then raise the weight 5kg each set - how do you guys progress thru your sets? I feel my method may ultimately be tiring me out for the heavier sets? any thoughts on this? (lol sorry for hijack)


I've found that using two DBs as opposed to a bar is a bit awkward, but using 2 KBs is not awkward at all and lots of fun. That's just my personal preference.


I like doing both barbell work and 1-arm work. The other day I did heavy barbell cleans and snatches for singles. After that, the 40 kg kettlebell felt "light."


I do these with some athletes that I work with...I treat them just like any OL exercise; 3-5 reps b/c of the relatively light weight. Start with the weaker side for the prescribed amount of reps then finish with the dominant side. Perform the move just like a classic snatch, meaning from the floor, lift as high as necessary using the legs and back (arm straight as long as possible) then drop under the weight ass to ankles and stand. Repeat.

Try this: (I've heard of the athletes at Air Force doing this one) When pulling with the left hand, as you snatch the weight up and perform the "jump", make a quarter turn to the left also. Make the catch and stand. Reset and repeat, then switch sides.


I find doing them with high reps is a real good way to build cardiovascular endurance.


It's funny but the thought of putting my non-lifting hand on my thigh never would have occurred to me.

I put my other hand behind me like I'm winding up for a max vert. There's a pic at the bottom of this link:

Psnatch and BC (in the vid) put their hand on their thigh. How about everyone else?