DB Snatch Rep Question

Silly questions usually beget silly answers.

Let’s suppose I’m doing a set of ‘6 DB snatches’. Would that be 6 alternating with each arm, or 6 snatches with each arm (or 12 altogether).

With things like rows or lunges, sure, you do each arm. But the DB snatch doesn’t really have the upper body as a prime-mover, the limiting factor is your lower body’s ability to explode.

I just like knowing these things so I can write down the right number of reps.

Six each arm = six db snatches.

[quote]Otep wrote:
Six each arm = six db snatches.[/quote]

Just to reiterate, yep… 6 left and 6 right = 1 set of 6 DB snatches.

Along these same lines, I just need to vent for a sec. I’ve seen people write things like:

Only thing is, they didn’t use two 100-pound dumbbells. They used two 50-pound dumbbells and recorded the total weight.

That’s just silly. And irksome. Yeah, definitely irksome.