DB snatch & back problems

I was reading somewhere that when training for general fitness using the olympic lift, or variations of olympic lifts, the overhead portion of the lift should be omitted due to an increase in the risk of injury. Perhaps I should have followed that advice as I have injured my back on two different occasions while performing the DB snatch. The injury appears to occur during the overhead portion of the lift. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I just stick with DB hang cleans? This is so disappointing as my renegade training was going very well until I hurt myself this second time.

p.s. my ab training is sound and my flexibility training is consistent.

How far back or to the side do you lean. I have been doing my dumbbell clean and push press and dumbbell snatches using two dumbbells, when I do them for sets. I still like doing one arm cleans and jerks for singles with one dumbbell only. But only once and a while. Best of Luck.

I do not lean back or to the side. I try to maintain a vertical torso during the one handed DB snatch.

You will definately still get exceptional benefits by doing just the pull portion. One suggestion would be to make sure the weight is going directly upwards and you are dropping underneath to catch the weight. I have noticed a tendency in myself and some of my basketball players to yank the db up and back and then figure out how to slow it down and they lose control some times. The key is to maintain control through the whole movement and to make sure to dip down just a bit and catch the db rather than letting it continue to acclerate up and trying to stop it then.

Well, if you are keeping yourself upright and you have good core strength, it might be a spinal alinement problem. That is beyond me. I agree with Jason that doing one arm high pulls is a great exercise. Best of Luck.
PS - I was doing dumbbell cleans and push presses on Friday and two different people came up to me: 1) one commented on my poor form while doing dumbbell curls. 2) the other said that he though I would have big arms because I was curling so much weight. :wink: