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DB Shoulder Press & Deadlift Help


Just two quick questions i was hoping someone could help me out with

1 In regards to dumbell shoulder press when im sitting down doing it, how is your spine supposed to sit? is there supposed to be room between ur back and the back of the chair/bench, or is it supposed to be pressed right up against it sitting up straihgt.

I notice when its pressed up against it and sitting up straight its much harder,both the exercise and on my spine, also feels like a little hyper extension

  1. In regards to deadlifting, i dont know what its called but the device you use for deadlifting where instead of the bar you stand in it, is that any good? why use it instead of the bar? does it help with form?

Thanks in advance


dont know about #1, but for #2 what your thinking of is called a trap bar. I personally dont know the reason for using one instead of an oly bar, and have heard many ppl on this site recommend using the oly bar rather than the trap bar so I'd go with that


Pressing is best done standing, but if one uses the sit-down type, then the butt and back should be against the pad. This forces you to sit straighter and you will not be able to use as much weight at first, but it does support your back and enforce form.

Some folks still arch in order to bring the chest muscles into play, but this is considered cheating and can lead to injury if your stomach muscles are not strong enough.

In doing a standing presses, you won't be able to move beyond an unsafe poundage because your abs won't stabilize the weight and you can't transfer the force the bar, even if your shoulders ARE strong enough to lift the weight.


To add on here sitting down can be great as wll makes the exercise harder and much less prone to cheating. then again im a huge advocate of doing as many exercises as you can on you feet standing it just uses SO much more supporting musculature, more bang for the buck

Yes thats a trap bar and apples and oranges from a regular dl. it changes the center of gravity to being in line with your your work much more like a spring or piston then a lever,. uses much more quad and less low back and ham string and glute. Both are good but I wouldnt drop a regular DL for the trap bar exclusively. If I had to choose one for sure it would be the regular DL and then id squat as well