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DB Shoulder Press Advice


I see a lot of guys doin them all the way down until the weight touches your shoulders and i also see a lot of guys only goin down to about a 90 degree angle. Any advice on whats better? thanks..


stop when your hands are in line with your chin


Depends why you're doing them. If you're using them as an assistance lift to get a bigger competition bench, I'd go all the way down on all your dumbbell work and pause at the bottom, at least most of the time.

If you're doing them to build as much mass as possible, I'd say whatever lets you use the most load, which is obviously a shorter range of motion, as long as you don't get ridiculous and start banging out quarter reps. But be consistent with whatever technique you use.


Do whatever feels good to you. I prefer going 90 degrees with heavy weight and lower than 90 degrees when using lighter weight.


i think it really depends on your build..length of arms..etc. i have t-rex arms and this is how i do mine-


Cool! Nice lift there man!


130lbs..wish i could do that.


If I start going too low my shoulder doesn't like it. I have fairly long arms.

So I do what feels comfortable for me. Generally dumbbells at about eye level.


Personally, bottom of DB is in line with bottom of ear. I never lock out on anything. NEVER. I don't give a fuck that you can bench 315 and insist that I lock out my 225. My elbow thanks me everytime I dont.


That's an awesome way of getting that kinda weight setup! Gunna have to try that instead of trying to DB clean that weight up, then sit down.

Impressive lifts too!


Thanks for all the posts and advice. I have been going down to about 90 degrees the past few months. I'm really just tryin to get strong/big therefore I just do whatever allows me to do the most weight. I think I'm going to do my first set like I have with as much weight as possible, then pyramid down, do less weight and go down further... What do you guys think?


by the way maraudermeat: thats a crap load of weight ur pushin there makin it look so easy... haha, i dont even know if i can shrug 130s... haha


short arms...


I could not have said it better!


You really made 'em look like peanuts.


I have shoulder issues and it seems that when I flare my elbows out that it hurts when I go below 90 degrees. But if I keep my elbows at 45 degrees or so I can come all the way down. Who knows. But I have long ass arms.

Meat - You suck. That is all.


This is awesome dude.

I put up C-notes this week and thought "yeah, that's pretty good right there"

But nope. There's still more to be done, and I sincerely appreciate the reminder.


i always see guys using way too much weight and barely coming down half way. just check your ego at the door, go lighter and take advantage of full ROM. i like coming down so the db's just "kiss" my delts.


I had shoulder issues when I did full ROM DB incline bench and DB shoulder press. Now I've stopped, and now my shoulders ain't complaining.


My triceps tend to take over in dumbbell presses, especially in the second half of the movement. So only doing the top half (90° to lockout) would be a triceps movement.

Now I never lock out and do about a 3/4 range making sure there's always some bend in the elbows. Unless It's barbell press. Then a really wide grip will reduce the triceps involvement enough.