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DB Row Technique?


hey guys, whenever i am db rowing on a bench i feel like the weight crashes into my hip. almost like i have the standing leg opened to far. when i bring the leg closer in it just doesnt feel right. i always try to pull to a little outside of my hip and back past it. any advice?


keep your elbows tucked into beside your body and bring it up, seems you might be bringing the DB too far up , hard to say really without a video.


Row towards your chest and ribcage rather than your waist?

Seems like this would be a very simple technique fix, that a little bit of trail and error on your part would fix 100x more effectively than posts on and internet forum would.

Just play around with your setup until you are comfortable and hit the muscles you are targeting.


This, and in the process use MUCH lighter weight to establish good form. If you are going too heavy, it is likely that this, alone, is making your form problematic.


Try laying Prone on an incline bench and placing both feet well behind yourself. With the weight of your body resting your chest on the bench, you'll be able to row 2 DBs at once, and not worry about hitting yourself (I do this when my lower back acts up)



When I do dumbell rows for lats specifically, I pull the db back towards my hip, have my other hand on a rack or the seat of an incline bench, and the opposite knee from the hand holding the db forward about the distance of a standard step.

When I'm doing them for my upper back, I put one knee flat on a bench, the hand on the bench, slight upright torso angle, and pull to my chest.


The problem is most likely you rowing way too low on your waist, possibly using too much weight, possibly not keeping elbow tucked in close to your side, and possibly you just have no idea what the hell you're doing. Put up a vid and we can do a lot more for ya.