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DB Row Substitute Found


My gyms DBs only go to 100lbs. after being able to row that for 20 reps, i realized i needed more weight somehow.

barbell rows just dont feel the same, i cant really rip at them and smash my middle traps. I do DB rows for trap and rear delt, not lats.

So i set up a bar like T-bar rows, with a bench in front of the plate side of the bar to hold on to, and used only one arm with a strap, pulling the bar up from between my legs.

Motherfucker, this exercise rules. I managed to work up to 6x25lb plates for 6 reps per side.

Today my upper back feels like hamburger, AND my brachialis and brachioradialis are sore as hell too.

I suggest you all try the one arm supported T-bar row. It's terrific.

PS, anybody know how much weight of the bar I'm rowing? I guess maybe 15lbs


I've been doing these for a little while, you can use a 45lb plate to change up hand positions (supinate and pronate)

Edit: but it only use the 45 while standing, not while supporting myself on the bench


i have been doing these one armed t-bar rows for a couple months. I can't get comfortable using DB's.

I definitely never used 6x25lb plates, haha. 3x25lb plates, yes.


yeah this exercise is good...

I started doing it for the same reason(dbs didn't go high enough)...I anchored the bar down with a sandbag seems to work for me...


Pretty much like this:

Looks like a good back thickness exercise. I'll have to try them sometime.


This is just what I've been looking for as my gym's dumbbells also stop at 100. Are you guys using anything to anchor the other end of the bar down? Because in my gym there's no corner where I can set these up.


Put the other end of the bar through a 45lb plate and just let the plate 'fall' onto the bar. The torque should keep it in place.


I am the guy in the video that was linked up I guess. I have been doing these for awhile and really like them because my gym also only has dumbells up to 120. Here is a more recent video of 160x10 that shows the contraption I have to hold the bar down.

I have had problems putting a dumbell or plate over the bar as the weight gets heavier because there can be some slipping. If you have a partner you could have them stand on the bar. Here is a link for the piece I have. It's annoying to carry around, but it works great.



Well you either are that guy or you arent. I wouldnt need to guess if it was me. Textbook form by the way.


Provided you have no lower back issues...

  1. Take a barbell and anchor one. I usually just corner it against a wall or really anything that prevents the damn thing from going backwards.

  2. Put plates on the other end.

  3. Grab it like a suitcase deadlift placing the opposite arm on the knee for support.

  4. Grab it low enough so that the plates are above your shoulders as you row (increased range of motion)

  5. Row that bitch.

Something like this:

Bent over with hand on knee:

The problem I see with rowing a single to your chest is limited range of motion and racking your goods. My nuts hang too low I couldn't do that between the legs. Another problem could be a slight wrist curling or arm curling instead of pulling with the back.

My junk would not enjoy this: www.shapefit.com/middle-back-exercises-bent-over-one-arm-long-bar-rows.html


^ my junk loves this


Or this