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DB Pullovers Mainly For Chest or Lats?


Have a question re: DB pullovers. I know this is a compound movement, but what would you say is its primary impact -- chest or lats? And, how does bench placement (back parallel with or perpendicular to) affect? Is there a major difference with Barbell?


I always felt it more in my lats!


Just my $.02,

I actually use these (body perpendicular to bench) for part of my triceps work. I usually do it after a bench routine. My lats do get a little sore sometimes, but my tris are ALWAYS sore from this movement. Make sure you keep your hips below your knees so that you only use your upper body strength to move the weight. It really hits the larger, inner head of the triceps well, if you ask me.


I would classify them as a back exercise