DB Presses/Inclines

Hey everyone don’t know if this has been posted before.
I’ve been benching for a while now, and doing all sorts of things for upper body…but RARELY any DB work. Primarily because I only workout in my basement and have adjustable DB’s.

The last time I did a flat DB press was a couple years ago when I started training. I’ve never done a incline DB press, and I haven’t done much incline pressing in my training time.

Well I’m changing it up. I got a bunch of 10’s so I can do flat db presses up to 90lbs.
Then I bought some 100lb. db’s. Tonight will be the first night tryin it out.

I was wondering what are some respectable numbers on the DB Press and the Incline DB presses.

For shits and giggles I did 10 easy reps with the 100’s on the press, no warmup or anything. Was just excited I got them finally…they are pretty pricey lol.

I think I am definately going to need heavier DB’s, but for now these will do until I purchase some 120’s for christmas.

Respectable numbers for who? In the iron game, it’s all relative. For joe blow lifter, doing the 100’s on anything is “strong”. To most of us, or at least to me, the guy who’s “strong” is usually the guy who’s 10-30lbs stronger on most lifts. Attainable, but not yet.

Anyways, to me, when you’re reppin’ the 150’s on flat and maybe the 130’s on incline, you’re pretty fucking strong.

Might as well take a look at Matt Kroc’s log and shoot for that.

I think his latest flat PR is 175’s for 8 reps. Good luck :wink:

The 40 kgs (90s) rarely get any action at my gym.

I think if you can press the 100’s for 8-10 reps thats pretty good. If you work your way to the 130’s+ you are getting into strong territory, if you get to 150’s you are stronger than 95% of the people out there. Or if you incline press the 200’s for 9 reps like Efferiding you are stronger than 100% of the population haha.

haha true words spoken. Yeah no I just got the hundreds the other night and did 10 reps easy, no warmup. I actually KNOW that I need heavier DB’s, so I’m gettin the 120’s at christmas time. I definately would like to press the 150’s for 8-10 reps. With boxing though, who knows…my shoulders get so much work in from punching sometimes it’s hard to train the push muscles like I’d want to.
I also got the db’s cause I want to increase my chest development lol I remember Prof growling at the fact that I was doing heavy benches, and chest flyes but left out db presses lol.
Which I totally knew right then I am definately lacking these things, so I got some cash n bought some DB’s for my gym.
Which I don’t know why I didn’t get earlier, I spent damn 500 dollars on a texas power bar! lol

But yeah, I’ll get the 120’s and see where I’m at…

On a side note anyone do neutral grip, or reg. bench type grip on these presses? Is there a big difference or what?

I have tried neutral grip a few times, can’t use as much weight because I didn’t have a feel for the movement. It really targets the triceps a lot though.

Yeah I played around with it.

ALL I KNOW is that I have NEVER felt my chest this sore the next day. Damn I don’t even know how I’m going to do boxing tomorrow…I ues the 100’s for straight sets, I could go heavier so I just did 4 sets straight weight with the 100’s. Just can’t believe how sore they are, after my workout I consumed in 3 meals a bit over 2500 cals as well…can’t believe how sore I was. I am feeling better as of now. What a shock to my body though lol.

It’s a new movement, new stimulus, bound to make you sore isn’t it. If you get the chance, try 1 arm DB presses, with both feet planted obviously. This adds a nice abdominal componenet to the lift.