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DB Presses Grip

Does it make a big difference which way I hold dumbbells when doing presses from a decline or flat bench. For example I always use a neutral grip because of my shoulder instead of elbows flared out method. Thanks

short answer- Yes

Explination- with elbows tucked (in my opinion the correct way to do it) more anterior sholder and tricep is used. However, the chest is not neglected.

If you have bad shoulders, stick with tucking your elbows, if your chest is ‘lagging’ you can do some flys or Thib just poset a neat new exercise this week in his 6 new exercise article, the Squeeze press or something like that.

With Elbos flared there will be much more pectoral involvement, and much more Glenoid Humoral stress (G/H joint for short, where the glenoid, the socket of the scapula, and the ball end of the humourouse, upper arm bone meet). This joint is simply not happy in this position for the majority of people.

I do both, I use a neutral grip as a substitute for close grip bench presses and dips.