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Db press question

Should the weights be pushed with a fixed space apart or towards each other ?

The same issue goes for seated db presses ??

I think one of the advantages of using DB’s is that you can follow a more natural range of motion, i.e. not forcing your hands to be the same distance apart during the lift. I could be wrong though…

The advantage on dumbbells is that you have a much greater range of motion. I think you should use this, and bring your dummbbells together.

Your forearms should stay perpendicular to the floor.If you’re on a flat bench (or incline or decline) the db’s should be directly above your shoulders at the end of the movement. If the weights are big enough they might touch, but you shouldn’t have to try to make them touch. Take the db’s through your natural range of motion. You don’t need a fixed amount of space. That’s why your using db’s instead of a bar.