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DB Power Cleans


I started incorporating one arm DB snatches into my WSFSB program a few weeks ago and they are going quite well.

I want to alternate with one arm DB power cleans but not sure what the "catch" position is.

Does anyone know where i could see a video of good technique so i could see if i'm doing it correctly.




go to elitefts.com, buy their bench press excercises DVD. Its has all the stuff you'll ever need including indepth explanation of DB power cleans


i'm not sure if the elitefts seated dumbell clean is what your looking for because they do it as a non-explosive movement, used for upper back and external rotator work.


I'm looking for the standing explosive type. Any videos on the internet?


Go to www.mikesgym.org and look in the videos section. Mike should have some DB cleans on his site somewhere.


not sure where to find a vid, but your gonna love the look on peoples faces when you do them...i did seated db cleans at school in the gym this spring and really freaked the shit out of some people it was great


The catch is basically any position that feels comfortable for you to have a dumbell above your collar bone.

I normally don't even touch my upperbody with the dumbell, I let it sit a few inches about my collar bone/trap. Your arm should fall comfortably and catch itself, just fool around with it for a bit.


Cool. Tried it today and experimented with catch positions. Do you personally catch with a pronated (palms forward), supinated (palms backward, classic curl) or neutral/hammer curl style?


personally i've always done it with palms out like a regular power clean, but now im definitly gonna give the other ways a try, thanks for mentioning that.