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DB Overhead Press Form?!?!


I went a long time not knowing that your supposed to squeeze your shoulder blades and tuck your elbows on a bench (when i was a beginner obviously) and I dont want it to be the same for db overhead press...
Ive searched and searched but there is nothing on form, so can someone please explain in detail THE FORM FOR SEATED DB OVERHEAD PRESS! (shoulder blade position, elbows, range of motion, etc)

I find this thread necessary to have healthy joints by incorporating good form on this exercise


Um,the form?

Straight up,no lock out

Return weight to nose level


That's bout it man. Its not really that techmocal. Lol


You cant pinch your shoulder blades on OH presses and do them correctly. When your arm moves overhead, the shoulder blade "wings out" to allow free movement. I cant really tell you much else because I use a Hammer Strength machine for shoulders.


So only lower the weights to nose level?
And how about where to lower the DBs and what to do with elbows (flared out like a bicep pose or tucked in close together)


Whatever feels most comfortable man. This is the number 1 thing you should take away from lifting do what works YOU.


OK, but what about Arnold Presses? I've seen people do them in two parts, i.e the weight swing out then up, vs up and out in one move. I've only done them in the one movement style, and it seem you'd get more to the lateral head training that way.



There is an entire library of exercises on the first page under the Video tab.

I didn't see one on the basic db overhead just neutral grip.

The link is to the arnold press by coach thib


That is a gold mine. I never knew that existed before


So what I can take away from this is to do it how it feels comfortable?
If I were to do what feels comfortable in bench for example, my shoulder blades would not be squeezed.

So we can conclude that there are no tips for safety on this exercise? (other than not using a 2 inch range of motion with heavy ass weight)


I usually do them on a short-backed 90 degree bench, I put my ass a little bit forward and lean back to take some pressure off the spine. I kick the bells up which is a bitch, then go straight down (controlled) and go straight up. Don't out think the room, just try it out if it feels good continue, if not make adjustments.