DB Leg Curls

So i joined a “fitness club” i never usually pay for such a membership and now i know why…

Training yesterday, i was already pissed about the lack of spare plates - then i found there to be nothing but a seated leg curl - so no lying, and no standing!

I had done my SLDL and GM’s and wanted lying leg curls… pissed man.

So i climbed prone onto a decline abs bench, with my head at the high end. I fixed my arms around the leg attachments really secure and proceeded to do leg curls with a DB.

I was blown away. With the machine, i found i tired very quickly towards the top of the movement where the weight is still static but the position of the body is highly disadvantaged… So by the second set, i drastically needed to lower the weight to maintain reps. More so with this exercise than any other.

This is all well and good but… with the DB’s i found the lower portion very tough, and the upper portion - still doing something - but easier. It really allowed me to fry my hams in a way i never have. It is very hard after so many years to get a new exercise that has direct bodybuilding advantages… but i AM pleased.

It is my new hammie exercise, and i love it. Add 2-3 sets of it to your other ham work and see.


JJ, thanks for the tip. Even though isolation work is not my focus at this point, it is always refreshing to hear about this kind of pioneering. I fully intend on trying this next week.

Did you allow the DB to contact the group between reps to discharge the tension in your body (like something a powerlifter would do on a deadlift)? Or did you maintain the TUT principle and keep it suspended the whole time? Or both?

A little of both actually… a very slight touch on the floor - totally keeping contact, but getting full ROM.

I didnt raise it all the way up (for one i had no spotter) to 90 degrees on the knee or anything… probably a little past 45 - say a guess-timate at 60 degrees, this ensured i got a real intense contraction throughout. i was using a 25kg DB (55lbs or so) and getting a good 10-12… so next time i shall use a 30 or 35 to get a few sets of 4-6 reps.