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DB Incline Form Check?


Yeah so this is kind of a dumb thread, but these have basically been my main chest movement since tearing my pec last March, so as a main movement I want my technique to be as good as possible. Thoughts are appreciated, especially on depth, elbow positioning, etc. Going for maximal chest development obviously.




hoping that's sarcasm lol


Feet planted, full rom..looks pretty solid to me.


Spot on....no worries. Awesome that your gym provides chalk!! My gym sucks and doesn't even allow chalk...or any drinks besides WATER....wtf


Do you "feel" it in your chest?

I would keep constant tension on those fuckers - no lock-out.


how did you tear your chest?


Good suggestion.

Also, you don't have to go deep. I have shoulder issues and now do them with limited ROM, but I keep them moving like a piston, no lockout.


As suggested, only go up 3/4 from lockout so that you keep the tension on the chest the whole time

You will probably use a bit less weight, but your chest will burn more


I would leave that gym. How is anyone supposed to be successful if not supplements are allowed? No BCAAs? Really?


good looks all around guys thank you for the input. in response to the question of how i tore my pec: bench pressing of course. i was training for my first powerlifting competition. pulled some muscle fibers in my pec a few weeks before that, and two weeks later decide to do some max effort work, just wanted to hit 405 and be done for the night. Those fibers were still damaged, however, and so when i came down with what i thought would be an easy 385, the fibers actually tore and ripped the whole tendon off the bone as well. Pretty standard pec tear, and I pulled off a fantastic recovery. 10 months out and strong as ever, im just careful with pressing. Anyone who has anyone questions about this injury or rehab let me know. I pulled off a four month recovery. Surgery March 13, cleared to begin lifting normally July 10.


Lol just use a bottle that is opaque. Are they really going to check inside your bottle to see if it's water?


I'm surprised you can go that deep and still keep tension in the chest. It goes straight to my delts any lower then about 3 inches off the chest.

But good reps, and way to not throw the DB's down like a retard. And congrats on the quick recovery.