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DB Hammer

Does anyone out there know anything about DB hammers new book. Also is anyone familiar with his style of training.

I posted a question about the guy a couple days ago, and no one seemed to know too much about his stuff…apparently his name is Dietrich Buchenholz and he works out of Germany…but has anyone actually ever seen the guy? Is he a real person? I don’t know, his stuff is pretty hard to follow, and the way he talks about himself seems a little over the top.

If someone deliberately makes their methods sound as complicated as possible, as DB Hammer seems bent on doing, you should probably be suspicious.

His book is pretty good. I agree he makes his stuff a little complicated. Probably not on purpose though. I’d start with kelly baggets article about his principles first , then move to his articles and if you are still interested buy the book.

I actually like the idea of auto regulatory training. He uses different terminology like rate, magnitude and duration where others think of speed, power and strength. At first it seems to confuse the situation, but when you play around with it you see where it could be important for clarity.


you have a football player, RB. He squats 500, runs a 4.4 40 and has a 40 vertical.

To improve him you must address his weaknesses. What are they?

Through testing you find his duration abiity is good, his squat takes 6 seconds to complete. His reactive/magnitude ability is good (reactive jump test), however his rate ability is poor, as evidenced by the speed of the squat and other tests.

Now how do you explain to someone who runs a 4.4 40 that they are slow and speed is their weakness. You can’t just say “you are slow”. If you did he’d probably say “I’m the fastest on my team/in my division”. Depending on the level he may be the fastest player on the team or in the division.

This is where the terminology comes in. You could explain what rate, magnitude and duration are and explain that in order to get him stronger and faster, he needs to bring up his deficient quality, being rate.

I own the book. He does have a few different ideas, but my problem with him is this … anyone that does not have a combination of great reading comprehension skills and a large prior knowledge of weight training in general will be lost from page one.

It is a stimulating read, but he is narrowing his target demographic by the way he explains things. I would recommend CT’s newer online book over this any day.

Yeah,I had to read the book a few times through to really get what he was trying to say. Chris T’s book is better.

Thanks so much for the responses. I probably will get the book because my interest is so peaked. I pretty sure that Jay Shroeder uses these concepts to push things to a ridiculous level with someone like Adam Archuletta. I have all CT’S books and I think they are great. I remember when CT made the case that Shroeder and DB were the same guy. I don’t mind complicated reading if in the end the concepts make sense. I’m always interested in reading something new and then evaluating it for myself. Again thanks for the responses.

P.S. I did read Kelly Bagget’s article a while back and that helped peak my interest.

I was searching through the archives for ingo about DB Hammer and came across this post.

Does anyone know where to get his book? I heard Buddy Morris speak about it last week and I would like to find out more about it.

If you know where I could get it, PM me or reply to this post.