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Db Exercise for Lateral Tricep


Hey all,
I my routine lacks a exercise for hitting the lateral head of triceps,any suggestions? I want it to be a exercise with dumbbells. I tried doing tate press but they hit my elbows to hard and i feel pain in them so i rather avoid them.


underbelly rope swings


I don't have access to a rope, is there a dumbbell based triceps exercise that hits the lateral head good?. I am already doing close grip presses.


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Good idea, it'd basically be a bent over forward raise, like those calisthenics for shoulder people always do called the Y,T,W,M(or whatever)? Or are you thinkin like really full ROM kettlebell swings?

I'm thinking the former, but the motion should start at the bottom, move into a football hike, and all the way into a bent over forward raise


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Overhead dumbbell extention with one hand

meadows kick backs



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