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DB Complexes

Hi buddies,

At the end of my gym work-outs I like to finish off with some ab work or some skipping, but lately Im thinking that I would like to try something different and maybe try some dumbbell complexes.

Please post your favourite dumbbell complexes and instructions. I have very little experience with them.


I would say do hang cleans, followed by pushpress, front squat, then deadlifts varriations (maybe stiff legged or romanion but regular ones are alright to) for barbells, dumbells I guess the same thing may be done might be awkward though doing hang cleans/front squats with them.

I sometimes do this:

DB cleans, 5 times left hand, 5 times right hand

DB curl to overhead press 10 reps

DB still-legged deadlift 5 reps

DB row 10 reps

I do that, rest a minute then do it two more times.

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