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DB Close Grip bench?

I am going to be starting the Ian King arm program, and have a question concerning the close grip bench press. I usually workout alone, early in the AM, when the gym is dead, so when I am supposed to do close grip benches to positive failure, it is unlikely that I will have a spotter. That puts me in sort of a bind. It appears that Ian is anti-smith machine, so I have ruled that out. Is there a way I could simulate a close grip bench, using dumbbells??? I have experimented by placing the dumbells paralell with each other, touching one another, such that I am using sort of a hammer grip, with the dumbells paralell to the bench. When I did this, I felt it in my tris. Also, my hands are small, could I use one heavy DB to do this exercise? Thanks!

Ian may be against the smith machine, but I would use it over the dumbbells.

I use close-grip bench press and having my hands 6 inches apart greatly curtails the amount of weight I can lift compared to a regular bench. I use a rack for safety, but after I reach positive failure I just widen my grip and re-rack the bar.

Just use a safety/power rack and a barbell. Set the pins just below your chest.

My lovely gym does not have a power rack, so that is why I asked. However, widening the grip does sound like my best bet, I will give that a try! Thanks

There are two Westside DB pressing methods. In one you press them up in a parrallel position (elbows tucked) lockout, then keeping elbows in position perform a essentually a very heavy negative DB nosecrusher. once the DB reaches your delt, roll elbows down and press again. in the other you use to very light dbs, starting with them on end on your chest (on each db the edges of both plates will touch the other db. keeping them in constant contact you press them up and rotate them so that the db ends that were resting on your chest end up flush against each other.

Power rack’s definately the way to go. I train solo and use the rack for all my power lifts (BB bench/delt/tricep press & squats).
If ya gym don’t have a rack…find another gym!

I don’t bother touching a Smith either.