DB Bench/Shoulder Problem

Twice in the last 4-5 months I have been DB bench pressing and my left arm has, with absolutely no indication, failed and ive dropped a hefty dumbbell right on to myself. Both times it was followed with shooting needle type pains in left (and only left) shoulder and both times only the left arm failed.

Being that this has no happened twice (and so its not as much of a fluke as i had once hope) I find myself EXTREMELY apprehensive to put up the big weights again for fear of dropping too big a weight on my chest and damaging my chest/ribs and also absolutely destroying what is left of my shoulder.

I am curious if anyone else has ever gone through this and what the problems were or if I just have to suffer through a visit to a physiotherapist who will without a doubt reccomend 6 months of high rep rubber band training, which we all love so much.

Yeah, that arm’s going to have to come off.

see a doctor dude and find out what’s going on.